BEPA was formed in 1975 to succeed the Pea Pickers and Pea Packers Association.

The purpose of the association is to support the interests of its Members by:

  • Liaising with UK Government and other national and international associations.
  • Encouraging the consumption of home-produced pulses by promoting their value as healthy, high protein and high fibre foods.
  • Adding to the diversity of UK-produced pulse crops by liaising with crop scientists and plant breeders.
  • Providing a forum where members can exchange views, agree policy and develop their businesses through discussions on a variety of topics.

The achievements of BEPA include:

  • The promotion of British pulses to export markets in the middle and far east.
  • The identification of new varieties that allow UK-produced crops to replace imported produce.
  • The development of seed and produce quality schemes, when needed, to ensure that UK pulses are of the highest quality for varietal purity.
  • The extension of aid schemes to encompass human consumption pulses.
  • The introduction of special recipes that exploit the value-for-money and nutritional properties of UK pulses.

British Edible Pulse Association (Presidents)

2017- F Smith
2015-2017 CR Collings
2013-2015 A Bury
2011-2013 P Smith
2009-2011 P Rix
2007-2009 H Jackson
2005-2007 J Martin
2003-2005 PE Barrett
2001-2003 AMM Donald
1999-2001 J Manners
1997-1999 AC Church
1994-1997 A Wymer
1992-1994 D Shreeve
1990-1992 G Lodge
1987-1990 DEB Trehearn
1985-1987 G Jopling
1983-1985 RG Adcock
1979-1983 FH Nicholls JP
1977-1979 JH Gosling
1975-1977 JH Fletcher

Pea Pickers and Pea Packers Association (Chairmen)

1973-1975 JH Fletcher
1971-1973 GW Dean
1967-1971 JH Fletcher
1960-1967 JCW Stead
1950-1959 H Hubbard